BlindMatrix are trusted creators of the best ERP, CRM, Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturer and Supply Chain mobile, Cloud, and on-premises software solutions for the Global Window Covering industry with offices in the UK, India, Australia, and USA. Software solutions for blinds, curtains, shutters, and awnings businesses in the Global window shading industry. Paperless, mobile application, digital measuring, EDI enabled, online supplier catalogues, ordering and pricing, connects sales and installation teams seamlessly with customers, the office or retail, and existing systems. Replace older expensive systems with the latest agile ERP and CRM replacement. E-commerce solution integrates with existing booking systems, team management, inventory, accounting. For large enterprises SLA’s, dedicated support, and custom development. Easy to use CRM and ERP for smaller blinds, curtains and shutters businesses including retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers to reduce administration, save money, be more efficient, and win customers. Trusted supplier of window covering business software since 2002.

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Loosing money because of mistakes?

Loosing money because of mistakes? Even with the best staff and technology, sometimes businesses produce and deliver goods or services that do not meet their customers expectations. Such jobs are lost or require some form of remedial action, such as…

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Do you use Business Management Software?

Improved productivity, efficiency and effectiveness have become business management goals for many business leaders. Using business management software can help businesses to become more productive, efficient and effective.  What is Business Management Software? Business Management Software aims to provide tools…

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What is SaaS Cloud Migration?

What is SaaS Cloud Migration? SaaS Cloud Migration is the process of moving your business data and applications online. SaaS is software provided over the internet. It is not installed on a local computers and there is no need to manage…

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