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Do you use Business Management Software?

Improved productivity, efficiency and effectiveness have become business management goals for many business leaders.

Using business management software can help businesses to become more productive, efficient and effective. 

What is Business Management Software?

Business Management Software aims to provide tools for different aspects of business processes. It helps businesses keep track of work to do and work already completed and provides insights into what works well and what needs improvement.  

Business management software typically aims to support businesses with the core functions below:

  • accounting
  • order management
  • inventory control
  • supply chain operations
  • customer relationship management
  • human resources
  • sales order management
  • marketing

It is becoming more and more difficult for businesses to find a software that delivers value across the whole business value chain.

Where did Business Management Software begin? 

There are many terms out there that try to define these kinds of business management software solutions. 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a term that was introduced in 1990. It has its roots much further back in the 1960’s. ERP initially described software built for inventory management and control in the manufacturing sector.

The term Material Requirements Planning (MRP) was then introduced a little later to describe software built for scheduling production processes.

These applications then grew and provided solutions to the back office, offering tools to assist businesses with accounting and human resources.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software began to appear in the market place in the 1990’s. 

From the 1990’s onwards the world saw a rapid evolution of industry specific and custom software solutions for managing different types of business operations. 

What kind of Business Management Software do you need?

Traditional ERP/MRP software may not always meet the rapidly changing needs of the modern businesses. Implementation can often be slow and it can sometimes take businesses a long time to get returns on their investment. 

Nowadays business often depend upon a variety of software solutions to manage their core business operations and it can be a struggle to find a solution that maximizes the value across the business value chain. 

What is BlindMatrix Software?

BlindMatrix software solutions is a Business Management Software that provides a variety of tools that add value across your entire business value chain.

Whilst BlindMatrix software provides many tools and functions of a CRM Software (or a Sales Order Management Software), it has outgrown these labels in recent years.

The Solutions we offer:

There are 4 main solutions;

Together these solutions provide support for your business from the point of sale in someone’s home or shop (Surveyors Solution) or online (Ecommerce Solution) all the way to sales order management, customer relationship management, manufacturing, inventory control and accounting (Retail and Wholesale Solutions). 

BlindMatrix provides professional support services to help you get started. Some customer’s in small, medium and large size businesses have been successfully onboarded in less than 4 weeks!!  

BlindMatrix Solutions often provides fast short term returns on investment and stable long term returns on investment by targeting tools for business processes across your value chain. 

If you are taking your first or next step into digitally transforming your business, using BlindMatrix scalable software solutions will help you to grow. 

Contact us today for more information.

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