BlindMatrix are trusted creators of the best ERP, CRM, Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturer and Supply Chain mobile, Cloud, and on-premises software solutions for the Global Window Covering industry with offices in the UK, India, Australia, and USA. Software solutions for blinds, curtains, shutters, and awnings businesses in the Global window shading industry. Paperless, mobile application, digital measuring, EDI enabled, online supplier catalogues, ordering and pricing, connects sales and installation teams seamlessly with customers, the office or retail, and existing systems. Replace older expensive systems with the latest agile ERP and CRM replacement. E-commerce solution integrates with existing booking systems, team management, inventory, accounting. For large enterprises SLA’s, dedicated support, and custom development. Easy to use CRM and ERP for smaller blinds, curtains and shutters businesses including retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers to reduce administration, save money, be more efficient, and win customers. Trusted supplier of window covering business software since 2002.

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What is SaaS Cloud Migration?

What is SaaS Cloud Migration? SaaS Cloud Migration is the process of moving your business data and applications online.

SaaS is software provided over the internet. It is not installed on a local computers and there is no need to manage things like patches or updates.

Organizations can move business services like CRM software, productivity software, databases, service desks and more to the cloud.

BlindMatrix is a software as a service (SaaS) company who provide solutions to business in the Window Furnishings Industry. These solutions help your to improve business performance and customer service, reduce costs and increase profits.

What are the benefits of SaaS Cloud Migration?

Migrating to the cloud gives your business a greater ability to scale, reduce costs and enhance security. With so many people working from home, more and more businesses are beginning to move their critical business data and applications to the cloud. 


Shifting your data and applications to the cloud helps your company to scale up or down when necessary, enabling you to adapt to your ever changing business circumstances.

The cloud gives you the power to control your resources based on your individual and business needs.

Giving new employees access to your data and applications is simple and effortless. Helping you to improve the way you manage how your employees carry out their work.

SaaS Cloud Migration with BlindMatrix All-In-One software solutions helps your business to expand and grow.

The suite of applications on offer range from field-based mobile apps, retail and wholesale web-apps to fully integrated e-commerce solutions.


You can significantly reduce costs and improve operational efficiency by using BlindMatrix software. And you only pay for the services you use. With no costs involved in maintaining expensive databases or custom applications.

BlindMatrix handles all the security, maintenance and upgrades and you just pay-as-you go, with no long term contracts to hold you back. 


SaaS Cloud Migration enhances the security of your data. It does this by centrally storing your business information.

BlindMatrix takes care of data and application security concerns and ensures that automatic security updates are implemented to prevent them from becoming vulnerable to the latest known security threats.

Are you ready to start your SaaS Cloud Migration?

Keeping in mind the benefits of cloud migration, companies should move their essential data or information to the cloud to take advantage of improved scalability, reduced operational costs and improved security. Get in touch with BlindMatrix today to discuss your plans to migrate your business to the cloud.

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