Blinds and Shutters software that streamlines your business

Run a blinds business? Isn’t it frustrating having all your software in different places? Your calendar, accounting, manufacturing, pricing, invoicing and quoting. Wouldn’t it be a happy day when you could consolidate all of those vital elements onto one system?

That happy day has arrived. Welcome to BlindMatrix’s essential web and mobile app – tailored to your Blinds and Shutters business.

  • We recently had the BlindMatrix CRM software installed and must say we have noticed a great improvement In the amount of time saved doing paperwork. We were also delighted with the way any problems were handled. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble. Thank you for all your help.

  • I would like to send you guys a different type of e-mail today. This e-mail is to say thank you for your work to date – your speediness in getting us back up and running with the migration has been fantastic. Vivek, your support team are a credit to BlindMatrix. Many thanks and keep up the good work!

  • BlindMatrix has made my life much easier. It’s so user-friendly and makes my working day much more organized. I wish I had it years ago!

  • BlindMatrix has transformed our company, and made it possible for me to take more time off work to enjoy myself. With BlindMatrix, we raised the efficiency of our daily work up to 30%.