BlindMatrix are trusted creators of the best ERP, CRM, Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturer and Supply Chain mobile, Cloud, and on-premises software solutions for the Global Window Covering industry with offices in the UK, India, Australia, and USA. Software solutions for blinds, curtains, shutters, and awnings businesses in the Global window shading industry. Paperless, mobile application, digital measuring, EDI enabled, online supplier catalogues, ordering and pricing, connects sales and installation teams seamlessly with customers, the office or retail, and existing systems. Replace older expensive systems with the latest agile ERP and CRM replacement. E-commerce solution integrates with existing booking systems, team management, inventory, accounting. For large enterprises SLA’s, dedicated support, and custom development. Easy to use CRM and ERP for smaller blinds, curtains and shutters businesses including retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers to reduce administration, save money, be more efficient, and win customers. Trusted supplier of window covering business software since 2002.

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Customer Service is a top priority

Over the past few years there has been a shift towards consumers spending more of their time shopping online. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this behavior change and we now see more consumers shopping online than ever before. A recent Capgemini study has confirmed this stark shift in the way consumers spend.

This has brought with it a radical change in consumer expectations. They expect a convenient, personal and good quality experience.  Pinpoint Market Research reports that 93 percent of buyers start their buying journey online and that 86% of customers pay more if they are likely to get a better customer service experience.

Giving the best customer experience Customer Service experience has now become one of the top strategic priorities of most growing businesses.

Technology is essential in helping you to deliver great customer service

There’s no question that it has now become essential to utilize technology to help improve the customer service experience for your existing and potential customers.  Using a software solution that enables you to improve your customer relationship management is no longer a luxury item in your shopping basket that can wait for a better time to be bought. It’s now an essential part of your operational tool kit and is an essential purchase. 

Blindmatrix Software can help you to radically improve your customer service operation. With solutions for retailers & wholesalers of blinds, curtains, Awnings and shutters, BlindMatrix provides end-to-end solutions to support you to scale and grow your business. 

BlindMatrix Solutions

The BlindMatrix apps provide modular solutions to facilitate your sales, whether you are taking those sales in your customer’s home, in your retail shop or online. They can help you with your marketing activities, customer communication and job management. All these tools help you to ensure your customer gets the best experience possible whilst helping you to scale and grow your business. The software is suitable for all business sizes, from small family run operations to large enterprises.

Why Blindmatrix?

Blindmatrix strives to give it’s customers the best customer service. Some of the key benefits of being a BlindMatrix Customer are:

  • BlindMatrix adds value throughout the whole of your business value chain.
  • BlindMatrix runs in the cloud and offers you a full view of your company’s operation from anywhere in the world at any time, providing you with visibility and insight.
  • BlindMatrix offers specialist onboarding and support services and have successfully onboarded  businesses of all sizes in as little as four weeks!!
  • BlindMatrix helps you to adopt tools to improve your business processes 
  • BlindMatrix assists you to reduce your sales costs and improve your customer service performance.
  • Blindmatrix Solutions offer fast short-term returns and stable long-term returns on your investment.
  • BlindMatrix will adapt as you grow, helping you to scale your business at the right time.

If you haven’t started your digital transformation yet, now is the time to start. Keep your customer’s at the top of your priority list and work with BlindMatrix to ensure they get the experience they’re expecting. Contact us now for more information. 

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