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Job Management

A business is only strong if its customers are happy and keeping customers happy is an excellent strategy for ensuring continued business success. One of the best ways to keep customer’s happy is through good job management, which underpins on-time order fulfilment and great customer service. Having customers wait longer than expected or necessary is damaging and if your customer communication is also inadequate, your business will likely suffer.

Effective Job Management is the key to customer success. It enables you to improve your customer experience and your operational performance. It is necessary to efficiently track the progress of orders, to deliver them on time and to keep your customers expectations well managed.

A robust Job Management process helps you to focus on what truly adds value to your business and customers.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the importance of Job Management and how Blindmatrix can help you to improve this area of your business.

What is Job Management?

The phrase Order to Cash often represents the processes involved from the time an order is placed to the delivery of the product or service and the receipt of payment. This includes the way you monitor and respond to problems. Consistent and reliable management of your jobs is the foundation of positive customer experiences and is key to revealing the insights required to improve your business performance.

Who’s responsibility is Job Management?

There are several main stages to the Job Management life cycle. It typically begins with the management of the customer’s initial enquiry by your sales team and when the order is secured, the job management responsibility moves to your administrative team. The nature of your business will shape your job management processes. For example, if products are bought in a purchase order is submitted to the supplier. If products are being manufactured, the work instructions are given to the production team. If materials are required someone will need to submit the necessary purchase orders. There are quality checks, packaging process and the logistics of getting the products to the end customer.

While all this might seem simple and straightforward on paper, in reality it is a complex process involving many people. All businesses need to understand the main stages of their Job Management processes and implement simple and efficient systems to ensure that reliable information is readily available and empowers people to make effective decisions and keep customers informed.

To achieve an effective Job Management practice, business leaders need to implement standard operational procedures to keep an active record of the key activities and tasks involved in fulfilling the job. This kind of documenting can include customer focused information, order specification information, procurement information, manufacturing information, delivery and dispatch information, payment information and customer and staff internal and external communication.

It’s important that customer’s and staff alike know how these aspects of the Job Management are performed to help develop insights into ways of improving business performance.

The first, most useful step a business can take into exploring ways of improving effective Job Management is by starting a conversation about Job Management. Look for inconsistencies in understanding, in ways recent jobs have been managed. Look to create a simple understanding of what good job management looks like.

How BlindMatrix Can Help

Our Solutions feature an in-built Job Management tools that will help you stay on top of all your processes. Business can get very creative with a combination of Job statuses and sub statuses, clear-down processes, focused Work In Progress lists, auto tasks and much more. These tools will help you to streamline your processes, ensure effective communication and maintain quality and consistent Job management discipline, helping you to transform your business.

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