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Wellbeing in the workplace

Is your wellbeing good? On average we spend at least 1 third of our lives at work. This can equate to over 90,000 hours!!! Another third is spent sleeping. This ratio is likely to be very different for business owners in the Blinds Industry.

If our work life balance is unhealthy, we can suffer poor wellbeing both at home and at work.

Now that many people are working from home, wellbeing is a top priority for us all.  The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has indicated that absenteeism in the workplace can cost £554 per employee but the real long term costs are much greater, with Mental ill-health accounting for 59% of all absenteeism, whilst 60% of people report that high workload is the biggest contributing factor to stress in the workplace.

We all have a personal and professional responsibility for wellness in the workplace. Below are some simple steps to move in the right direction. 

Talking about Wellbeing matters

We have to notice when we are not feeling our best. Then we need to accept that our wellbeing matters and that improving it is a top priority. We must talk about wellbeing and take simple steps to remove unnecessary stressors from our working lives.  

Create a positive wellbeing culture

We have to create opportunities to talk about wellbeing between employees and employers. This might be casual encounters or more formal during 1 to 1 reviews. However it is done, it is now readily accepted that talking meaningfully about wellbeing promotes and builds a positive workplace culture. 

Enhance your environment

Whether working in the office or at home, there are small things we can do to enhance our environment that improve our wellbeing. Getting a more comfortable chair or adding some indoor plants, personalizing our desks with inspiring pictures and simply opening a window and getting better air quality can raise morale by up to 11 percent. These are just a few of the quick ways to achieve wellbeing improvements in our working environments. 

Work Smart

The average worker is looking for paper work in offices for an average of 4.3 hours a week and this often creates frustration and raises stress levels, not to mention costs money and time. When a colleagues or a customer calls asking for information, the ability to provide the information quickly and efficiently can be a very satisfying and rewarding experience for all involved.  Working smart using technology can make a real difference to workplace wellbeing and productivity.

How can Blindmatrix help?

It is certainly not a tenuous link to say that our well-being influences our motivation and affects our relationships, from family, friends to co-workers and customers. Poor wellbeing will undoubtedly hinder our overall personal and professional development and if un-managed by business leaders, this will affect your operational performance. 

Using BlindMatrix software solutions helps you and your employees to simplify daily work processes, increase productivity and improve team-work. This can in turn reduce stress and make a significant contribution to your wellbeing strategies and overall business growth.

Get in touch today and let BlindMatrix help you and your business get future fit!! 

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