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Task Management

For any business, effective and efficient task management can be the difference between success and failure. While large corporations probably have larger teams to help with scheduling and completed work, in smaller businesses the responsibility often falls one person. Scheduling tasks and coordinating work in the right way and communicating this to your teams is a critical area of business management that requires careful consideration.

Finding the right tools that help you improve your task management efficiency is vital to growth. In this article, we will take a quick look at the importance of task management tools, how they help and why you should give them a shot.

What is a task management tool?

A task management tool is essentially any application used by a team, individual or organisation to help with the completion of their projects on time. Such software allows teams in prioritising tasks, scheduling the right processes and ensuring all their projects are completed on time. These tools also help in sharing the required information amongst the team and creating a to-do list of sorts that helps with prioritising tasks that need special attention.

What are the components of a Task Management Tool?

Here’s a quick look at the main components that constitute a Task management tool.

  1. Prioritisation:

Not all tasks related to a project or deliverable are of the same importance. For instance, packaging and storing are more straightforward components of manufacturing when compared to the actual production. Hence, the time and resources allocated to different functions vary with every process. A good task management tool will help you to define your priorities clearly, allocate time for each task and set deadlines according to the priority.

  1. Visualisation:

Task management tools simplify the process of overseeing and tracking progress on your projects. Having a dashboard that showcases all the active projects and the work attached to them will help the team have a clear idea regarding the project and its requirements. They also make the tool more accessible and understandable, as the visual medium is easier on the eyes.

  1. Analysis:

Once you have the layout planned, the tool should also allow you to update the system and analyse the various processes. This can include the use of simple formulas to gauge efficiencies of the workforce or figure out how much longer production is expected to take before completion. The tool should effectively use the data it has to produce tangible results which help you see how well your team is doing.

Benefits of Using Task Management Tools

  1. Help with maximising efficiency and productivity of the team
  2. Enables the maintenance of swift and effective internal controls and communication
  3. Makes it easier than ever before to share vital information and keep everyone on the same page
  4. Prioritise tasks to ensure that the project is delivered on time
  5. Reduce administrative costs and other incidental expenses
  6. Understand the workflow of your manufacturing processes and assign tasks efficiently, helping manage your workload
  7. Better the collaboration between teams and departments, helping form a more coherent business

Why BlindMatrix?

Now that you have a good idea regarding the importance and need for such tools let us take a quick look at how we can help. BlindMatrix Solutions for surveyors, retailers and wholesalers come attached with a high efficient task management tool. The Task Manager we have built will help you keep track of all your ongoing projects and schedule new tasks with ease. It will also help you drive collaboration, analyse progress and ensure the timely completion of all projects.

So, what are you waiting for? Manage and allocate efficiently with us by your side to reach new heights and achieve greater success!

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