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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a major component of all business strategies. Every single day, over 280 million emails are sent across the World Wide Web, with over 124.5 billion being business emails. Furthermore, more than 111.1 billion of these are promotional consumer emails. Most companies look at email marketing as the most effective marketing channel due to the large number of people who use the internet regularly.
Over the years, email marketing has evolved to become more efficient and automated. However, not every cold call or promotional email gets opened. Hence, you need a good email marketing tool to help you manage and keep track of all your promotional emails and gain insights from them. 


Why bother with Email Marketing?

Small businesses need to make sure that every spend they make on marketing bears fruit, and email marketing is a sure-fire way to ensure that. Having a good email marketing strategy helps businesses forge better and stronger relationships with customers and plays a vital role in helping you develop a unique brand for your company, drive traffic to your website and improve your conversion rates.


Email marketing is an efficient and effective to build credibility, reliability and trustworthiness.


Creating an Email Marketing Strategy

Before drafting an email marketing strategy for your Window Shadings business, you should consider your target audience. It also helps to analyse which of your current marketing channels are most popular and generate the most leads. Knowing your current conversion rates is also helpful in determining the effectiveness of future email marketing activities and help you identify your next marketing opportunities. You should also research your biggest competitors in your area or region and look at their what they do. Asking yourself how your business, products and services adds value to your customers will help you to think about how to get that message across most effectively. Finally, if you a email marketing budget, this should be defined early on. Whilst email marketing is a low cost, effective way of promoting your business, it will require time to perfect.


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How to get your Email Marketing Campaign Up and Running

Once you have developed your email marketing strategy, you can begin campaigning. You will need to start by building a mailing list. You can use your existing customer email list but you will want to find new potential customers to market to. For this you can use a signup form on your website. This can be fed into other software like BlindMatrix to help you manage your email campaigns. There are many types of email styles you can send, from promotional, seasonal, loyalty and transactional. Knowing more about these styles  will help you to plan them out, create the content required and choose an appropriate template or design.


Try to segment your contacts based on criteria such as purchase history, demographic and brand loyalty to deliver more personalised emails. Make sure you work with designers to get a template that stands out and is significant at the same time. Don’t forget to add a clear call-to-action at the end to drive better conversion. Make sure you keep reviewing and analysing your results to see what works and what doesn’t. You can also experiment with different kinds of emails and formats to see which ones your contact list responds to most positively.


How BlindMatrix Can Help

Our Retailers and Wholesalers Solutions boast of an incredibly efficient email marketing tool. Our suite of tools will help power all your email marketing campaigns and add some freshness to your current system. Schedule emails, develop the right content, build a mailing list and send out innovative emails to grow your customer base organically. Our tools will also allow you to target specific market segments, helping improve the overall efficiency of your campaigns.


So, what are you waiting for? Partner with us to reach out to more people and boost your conversion rate and sales, like never before!


Get in touch today and let BlindMatrix help you and your business get future fit!!


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