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Manufacturing in Blinds, Curtains & Shutters Industry

Workroom application, barcoding, integrated machines and more
Take BlindMatrix into your factory with our dedicated app, use barcodes and integrate with your machines to get organised, gain insight and optimise, so you can fulfil more orders, save money and increase profits.

Workroom app

Our workroom app lets your staff interact with jobs and get the important information they need right to their screen. They can let the team know they’ve started, paused and finished their jobs, raise the alarm if they need assistance and add notes to update the back office. It works on a browser and is simple to use.

Barcode Scanning

You can add barcodes to your worksheets and your staff can use a barcode scanner connected to the workroom app to update the job information, helping to speed up the process.

Machine Integration

You can also use barcodes and barcode scanners to get vital information into machines, so that your staff can cut out repeated data entry. Even better, if your machines allow, we can help you get this data into your machines via Ethernet or wifi. If you want to integrate IOT tech to see when your machines are running, we can help you.

Custom product screens

You can use our standard product focused screens or create endless custom screens so you can easily find the information you’re looking for and see the status of your products as they are produced.

Product workflows

Products don’t start out ready-made. Whether you cut the hardware first or at the same time as cutting the fabric, you can define the steps involved in manufacturing a product so that you have visibility of your products as they flow through your factory.

Production Monitoring

When a product passes through a production stage, you can see the events from the product screens. If there are bottlenecks, you can respond before things become a problem. If you want to integrate IOT tech to see when your machines are running, we can help you.

Production Scheduling

Deliver your products on time. Production planning can be one of the most difficult aspects of running a manufacturing business. We’ve created an easy to use tool that allows you to schedule your products for production.

Capacity Planning

We realise that capacity planning is a critical element of a smooth running manufacturing operation. We’ve created a tool to allow you to set production targets based on your capacity, so you can easily make changes to your production schedule and keep your business running smoothly.

Custom Job Summary Sheets

Each job has a standard job summary sheet detailing every aspect of the job. This can be used to ensure that all work is prepared and delivered according to your company standards. We can also create custom job summary sheets for you to align the designs with your branding.

Custom Manufacturing Worksheets

BlindMatrix generates standard worksheets, capturing critical Job, product and manufacturing information so your staff can focus on manufacturing quality products. We can also create custom manufacturing worksheets for you. We can include QR codes and Barcodes if needed.

Custom manufacturing formulas

Using our innovative manufacturing formula builder you can automatically generate complex manufacturing instructions for your staff and add these to your worksheets.

Custom Labels

Whether you need dispatch labels for finished products or manufacturing labels to capture manufacturers information, BlindMatrix can take care of it. Standard or custom labels can be set up to be printed on a per job basis or in batches.

Create Rework Jobs

Had a problem with a product or Job and need to create a rework or remake? No problem, with BlindMatrix you can create a rework job and process to help you minimise any further loses and ensure your customers gets what they need. This helps you to account for your losses and ensure you don’t pay twice.

Track shipments and Manage deliveries

If you deliver your products manually, we can help you manage your delivery schedule. If you use a delivery service company, we can help you to incorporate shipment tracking using API, so you know when your consignments have reached their final destination.

How To Get Ahead

Sign up to our live product demonstration and see how you can use BlindMatrix to streamline your work processes and increase efficiency and productivity.

How To Get Ahead

Sign up to our live product demonstration and see how you can use BlindMatrix to streamline your work processes and increase efficiency and productivity.

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