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Managing your appointments

Managing your appointments is no easy task. It is one of the most integral parts of running a successful team. Management is about efficient scheduling and allocation of responsibilities. Businesses are only as strong as its employees, so you need to make sure you coordinate and manage your team well. With the COVID situation having pushed a large percentage of the workforce into a work-from-home model, scheduling has never been more critical.

So, how do you ensure your team stays on schedule and doesn’t miss important deadlines?

Manage your appointments with a Shared Calendar

A Shared Calendar is an application that practically allows you to manage your team’s time. A team calendar will help you plan all of your time and give you an overall idea regarding how much work has been scheduled. So, what are the best ways to manage such a shared calendar?

Tips to help you manage your appointments

  1. Instead of trying to use every tool the calendar has, try to make the most of the few that are the most helpful. In most cases, when you use too many tools, you will end up spending your time going from one to the other, rather than focusing on the work at hand.
  2. From experience, we have seen that designating one person to handle the managing of the shared calendar can be helpful. This person will be responsible for updating the calendar, scheduling the meetings and ensuring that all the messages reach the concerned team members. Having one person-in-charge of this will help prevent confusion and conflicts.
  3. As far as possible, give a team member enough time and space to finish their appointment/meeting, before adding the next meeting or appointment.
  4. To prevent cluttering, try using colour codes to keep track of different projects. You can use a particular colour for all client meetings, and another one for internal team meetings.
  5. As per studies, people take close to 24 minutes to regain their concentration after getting distracted. So, try to schedule a time for work without interruption for your team members to maximise productivity.
  6. Don’t overcrowd the calendar by counting down everything to the last minute. It is entirely natural for a few meetings to run late and so make sure you block off enough time to account for all these. Try not to stack too many meetings without time buffers in between to ensure that your team has enough time in between to settle down and refocus.
  7. Also, always rethink your meetings and make sure they are necessary before scheduling them. If you can convey the message through a group text, then go for that instead of a time-consuming meeting. You can also rely on the shared calendar tool you use to track progress, check milestones, ask questions and even assign tasks.

There are many helpful resources available to help you make the most of shared calendars. See these alternative 7 tips for some additional inspiration.

BlindMatrix can help with your Appointments

Now that you know how to maximise productivity using Shared Calendars, here’s a look at how we can help. BlindMatrix offers a robust and easy to use Shared Calendar as a part of its Surveyor, Retailer and Wholesaler Solutions. Our Shared Calendar will help you schedule all crucial meetings to ensure that you meet every deadline well on time. The tool will also help you coordinate your efforts to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency. With the help of our Shared Calendar, you will be able to streamline production in no time, leading to happier customers and better sales.

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